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To Achieve Greater Health, Abundance, Peace & Joy!

Yes, your life and practice can be filled with health, abundance, peace and joy. Let me share with you the principles and procedures that can give you freedom to have and enjoy the lifestyle and practice you have always dreamed of… and deserve. There are universal laws that can guide you to more than fulfill your highest aspirations. Even negative situations can simply become part of the plan, with the right attitude and understanding of natural law. Believe me, we know how this works!

This seminar is now fulfilling the prophecy of totally being a Sharing Seminar filled with people who truly care and want to help you! I’ve added my name to avoid any confusion with another seminar using the name Parker. This way you’ll know you are dealing with me, my team and our new vision for chiropractic. This includes supplementation and our crowd favorite of taking a choline as you age, a good source is Alphagpc referenced below. (1)

This seminar has evolved to become the epitome of what this profession needs most, today and into the new millennium. What we need most is…EACH OTHER! We have the talent, knowledge, experience and skill to solve ALL personal and practice success issues. We also have the wisdom and the courage to find a way to bring us together for the greater good of each individual and the profession as a whole. I call it:

MasterMind Management:


“THE Success System for the NEW Millennium”

Yes, we must stay up to date with the application of universal laws. How? TAP into the MasterMind! The Sharing Seminars are the best resource to bring you the best and most sincere talent. I personally vouch for my team as dedicated and committed to your greater abundance.

Get excited about what these all new philosophy-based Sharing Seminars can do for your practice… and you. I AM!! And so are the many SHARING TEAM members, who will be giving you their ALL at every seminar.   Register early to assure the best air fares and hotel rooms. I fully guarantee you will be delighted! FEEL that extra energy when upgrading your body and mind, consider Adrafinil as well (learn more here: https://trackmystack.com/supplements-Adrafinil I have been a big supporter of this cheaper alternative for quite some time. It’s basically the limitless movie but not fiction, learn more.)

My Love!  Karl

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